Jordan Furr (he/him/his)

Sophomore studying Computer Science at the University of Michigan. Chief Executive Officer of STAR Laces. Passionate about Blockchain, puzzles, reading, and activism.



Julia Reguera (she/her/hers)

Sophomore studying Business at University of Michigan. Co-Founder of Star Laces. Passionate about social entrepreneurship, marketing, customer service, activism, music, and traveling.


Isaac Coenca (they/them/theirs)

Chief Creative Officer of STAR laces and creative assistant to Detroit based sustainable apparel company Not Sorry Apparel. Passionate about writing, creative direction, and activism.



Ally Winn (she/her/hers)

Art & Design major at the University of Michigan with a focus in graphic design and public relations. Passionate about fashion, activism, music, and connectivity.



Clare Affinito (she/her/hers)

Sophomore studying Data Science at the University of Michigan.  Passionate about Data, music, and activism.